The Importance of Learning Foreign Language

            Learning foreign languages in the globalization era is an investment. But, in commonly our mind thinks about investment  in shares of stock in order to get more profit. Actually, there are some  sort of investment, such us :
  1. Investment of  worship
            This investment, the most simple but it’s difficult to realization, intent on getting profit in the beyond. Because the opportunity is only along life, we have to do a kindness to fellow and environmentally besides to our god.
  1. Investment of relation
Many people say having a lot of friend can help us to open our business or making our business more success. The relation can make our network greater than not having a relation wit other.
  1. Investment of knowledge
            It is not only study when we are in school or university but also studying anywhere and anytime. we often feel uncertain in benefit when we are studying it. But, we know the benefit all this after we get a new era. For example : when we are studying foreign languages.
  1. Investment of fund
            This is the most popular investment. In order to get profit a lot of  financial in the short term or for a long time and medium term. Investment in bond and investment in stock is kind of this investment. But it has the biggest risk and some problem if we do not keep a close check on this investment.
            According to the explanation above, about kinds of Investment, learning foreign languages in the globalization era is an investment. In a globalization era flow of information between inter-continent supported by more and more sophisticated information technology and transportation make communication faster. So, we have big chance to get job and get high education if we can speak in some foreign languages.
            Mastery of the foreign language is needed absolutely English language, used in virtually world, is international language which is the most important asset in the globalization era.(Rahman Ali: iii) English is principal instrument to compete tighter in looking for a job or carry on education. Korean language in recent times plays the part of key position which is very important in Indonesia.(achmad fanani: 5) it is caused by a lot of company from this gingseng country operated in Indonesia, such us : Samsung, LG, etc.
Dominating foreign language will make us have great opportunity to win the competition in this globalization.(achmad fanani; 5)
            Learning foreign language In the Globalization era has a lot of advantages. The problem is how to study foreign language can more effectively and fastly. There are some preparations in order to study effectively and fastly, they are:
  1. Emotional preparations
            The most principal in the first step learning is emotion preparations. Sugito said “We have to positive emotion to foreign language that is learned”. This emotion will help us to stand on the defensive several constraints appearing in the process of studying. for example boring, getting trouble in speaking or listening. To add positive emotion, we need the relation between the language with something that make us happy. For instance: if we want to study Italian language, perhaps, we can be started with something that we like about it (the food, tourist area, artist). If we want to study English, perhaps, it can be related with getting the scholarship in the country using English as language in this country.
  1. mental preparations
            It is also important to carry out mental preparations. What do the activities do? To be sure we have purpose and direction clearly. For what, who, we use foreign language which will be learned. This purpose includes long range plan and short range plan. Languages have wide range. So, the purpose will help us to arrange priority and strategy in studying. Priority will be useful to choose communication skill which is beforehand. Strategy will be very important to shorten the time of studying and intensify the result of studying.
             If we want to study foreign language for academic, continuing education in overseas, of course, we will arrange a strategy prioritizing language in academic comprehension. If we want to study foreign language for business, developing relation in export – import with our clients, we need to focus our studying in how do negotiate, way of speaking in presentation our products or promotion in written.
  1. physical preparations
            Another preparation, physical preparations, also has contributing for helping us in having good stamina as well as well exercise. Learning a language is study a skill. Therefore, studying a skill need an intensive and well physical exercises. Like studying piano, driving car, or playing karate, learning a language also need exercise everyday. They are speaking exercise, listening exercise, reading exercise, and writing exercise using language targets.
            There are some importance of learning foreign languages in the globalization era. When someone wants to study other languages actually they have reason why he learns about this language.for example : many people study hard in learning Korean language because of his career. There are many importance of learning languages, such us :
  1. prestige
            Based on a lot of experience the people who can speak in many languages is usually appointed to represent his school or university in an event related with this languages. For example : speech contest, poetry reading, writing contest, etc. of course something that is very prestige. Furthermore, if we can win the competition, we will popular and well known among our friends, teacher or lecturer. In society the people who can speak foreign languages, example English, is considered has high education. The people put down as intellectual human. So, in our community the people will respect us as part of  social class.
  1. money or material
            If we are good in speaking foreign languages, example english, we can looking for perquisite; residuary product. Although we are students, we can also get money because of our languages is good. There are some activities that can money maker for us, such us: teaching neighbour’s child, tourist guide free lance, translator, and teaching at a school. In addition, For some people their occupation out of this work.
  1. supporting education
            If we have decided to continue our education in overseas, we had to had capability in English. Furthermore, measuring up by condition of high TOEFEL. Although we didn’t continue our studying in overseas, the source of our book in our university or school is still written in English. So, it is a advantage that we can learn and clever in foreign languages. Many people are fail in their studying because he can not dominate English as source of their education. So they come upon difficulty to learn their subject in campus.
  1. work opportunity
            The biggest opportunity to get job in the globalization era is has ability in English. We can see in almost of newspaper that the company in commonly need some worker that good in English. Both spoken and written is important. It means that when we are reading this newspaper, we have come upon selection from the beginning. If we feel uncertain, it shows that we have eliminated from the beginning by your self. A fact that good in English is have more opportunity than nothing.
  1. raising of career
            For the people that continue their studying and decide majors English language, beyond all question, can be professionals, example: English teacher, lecturer, translator, staff in embassy, etc. for another sector, such us: accounting, marketing, research, past master in laboratory, English capability has plus value. Position promotion, training overseas or other opportunity like this usually the ability of English will raising our career.
            We, perhaps, have experiences in studying foreign language, such us: English, we have studied English from elementary school up to university at least. But, the result is not displeasingly-we didn’t make use of this language fluently- on the score of we didn’t apply the strategy sagaciously. Therefore, we have to apply some educated strategy in learning foreign language.
  1. learning order
            According to Nero Linguistic Program “studying language should in good order” listening, speaking, writing, then writing. To be sure in order to get input of listening in the first before we know how written in that language. While we listen and read the written language, our pronunciation, perhaps, will prone to be smitten with reading habitual in this language. Thus, before we know how to write a written in this language, we begin with listening how this language is pronounced fluently.
  1. Frequency of studying
            When we study foreign language in our country, not country where the language is used, we need separate out 45 minutes at least as far as one hours to expose our physical, mental, and emotion in order to use this language, either in studying session autodidact or studying together. If we diligently commit use this, in eight mounts until twelve mounts swiftest, we have been able to see the positive result in speaking this language fluently as result of researches “to study language effectively needs routine exercise in order to can use the language fluently”
  1. Instrument of  Studying
            The instrument of studying is important in order to get positive results. Besides books and drawing, we can attempt using multimedia giving advantages to see how this language is used in dialogues, facial expression, body language, and the context is used. Another Instrument of Studying, dictionary and thesaurus, is giving alternative words that are used. We can also use flash cards, small card containing words and how to use the word brought any where and any times in our pocket. We can use these tools when we are waiting for someone or something. So, it is very simple but has a lot of advantages for us.
  1. Model of  Studying
            Model of studying for the moment is using blended learning and E-learning (studying using multimedia) fusing autodidact and studying together in a class. Model autodidact studying is still needs studying together in a class to solve the problems which can not be finished alone. Studying in a class also becomes arena to practice manifestly what have we study in an autodidact manner. And so do studying in a class is not enough. So, we need to complete with an autodidact manner in order to get more the frequency of exercising and to pervade what subject that has studied in the class together.
            The globalization era strive for learning some foreign languages especially English which is an international languages using in the world. It is a necessity someone who wants communicate easier and get good job have to good in foreign languages. Indonesia, the biggest country in ASEAN, has big chance to change this country become big and modern country if the society can keep abreast of globalization era. In addition, many modern countries such us: Japan, America, Korea established their company in Indonesia. We have good chance to work in this company if we can speak English, Korean or Japan well. Furthermore, we can work in the country used this languages above. Mastery of the foreign language is needed absolutely.
            When we want to learn foreign languages there are some variable that is so important to us if we want learning foreign languages as soon as possible. Some variable basically make learning easier. Language is one of seven part of cultural (koenjoroningrat, 1972: 12). So, we have to know what is the language cultural in that country because every language in all worlds have characteristic and rule how using the languages in all day. We have to apply some educated strategy in learning foreign language.
            In conclusion, language -as interacting way- is needed for interacting between human to human in the social communities. In the globalization era learning foreign language is needed absolutely. If we want our life is better than another people, we should prepare all Investment in the future. One of them is foreign languages. Foreign Languages give us more chance and choise to get better life. With learning Foreign English we can get some advantages such us: Prestige, money, supporting education, work opportunity and good career. Thus, learning some foreign languages in the globalization era can give big chance   better life for our future.
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