White headband

It is Sunday evening, the hot day, I and twelve students from faculty of cultural walk together to joglo. Some fifty students from another faculty of Diponegoro University and some journalist, Metro tv, RCTI, Semarang tv, and SCTV, who always have met when demonstrated in Semarang, have been here. Yudha prakasa, orated :’’ We see Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is going to inaugurate as new president of this poor country tomorrow. When all party are not opposition against the new government,  we, all Indonesian university students, brave opposition with second regime volume, so, we prosecute to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in order to seven populace accusation as part of first hundred day work: Nationalize strategic assets nations, create education and health reach for masses, finished BLBI and corruption of Soeharto and his helpmate, return the economic, energy, and food this nation, guarantee availability and reachebility of basic requirements for masses, complete reformation of bureaucracy and against judicature mafia, and save environment and compete Lapindo Brantas case. Bravo poor Indonesian people!” president of BEM KM UNDIP, tries provoke the participant in demonstration.

Two Orange cars carry out about fifty students using white headband to stations. Almost people see us greatly surprised in Tawang stations. The economic train is so crowded; I just stand with some friends.


“Hei,,it is so hot” said Aan, stand beside me.

“Yeah it’s so different with our government, You know that our office car minister will more expensive” I response the president BEM of engineering.


I always ward off with hand when the train stopped. It was so hot and noisy. Water sellers every minute through me. Finally, about 02.00 am we arrive at Jakarta, not aware have slept with stand. The students from UNJ have been here and we continued our journey to campus UNJ by bus like reformation in 1998. It is like war. There are 1000 university students here. Blue, yellow, brown, green, become one. Every university comes together in one place. We consolidate to prepare every equipment.


“Every university must prepare five people as banker, two handle flag?”Said Adiyatma, demonstranse coordinator of Undip.


Finally five people are chosen by Adiyatma. Lendra, Tio, Adit, Fahmi and Me. We are the first line to protect the participant in demonstration if there is a clash with the police. Every university prepares their bunkers. I and another bunker come together in a place separated with our university.


“Well, the police have planned how this action is restless.

They will prepare their provocateur in order to our society think that we are rioter.

So, I want all of you are not provoked. The commander is me. Just listen what I command! Not another! Any question?” said Tomy, the commander BEM SI.

“How about the transportation?” Ask one of student using yellow uniform.

“Right, our government have closed main high way and threatened all bus company to reject students who will go to Senayan. As you know 8 bus from Bogor and 5 bus from Bandung carrying university students have stopped by police. It is the evidence that SBY is a dictator regime because he doesn’t want people disturb his big party, Yudhoyono is second regime after Soeharto!” said Tomy.


Tuesday morning, rainbow uniforms, the biggest opposition power against new governments, have been ready to demonstrate new president in front of field of Jakarta state university (UNJ). A group of students who allowed to left the class in each campus. However, have big aspirations for this nation. Make Indonesia better and give suggestion to the government although they must allow their studying, money, and energy. They are not afraid if they must dead shouted by police.

Before demonstration, the participant removed all equipment, poster, street banner, uniform, white head band, and megaphone in order to the police didn’t catch us because we are going to Jakarta state university campus B on foot. Thousands students have waited for us. I see there are thousand rainbow uniform have been ready. One of thousands student pick up the car and take oration to almost 3000 students. It is so crowded and noisy. We sing a struggle song:

For the students who miss glory

For masses who confuse on road intersection

For heir of civilization who scratch a note proudly

In paper history of human life

Oh! You who miss winning

Oh! You who go down on the way

For the sake of dedicate body and soul

For loved nation


Finally, we decided to depart to Senayan, the place of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inauguration’s. We closed bus way in order to we can use Trans Jakarta. We succeed to occupy territory the Trans Jakarta and use this bus. But it is late to arrive in Senayan because of we too long walk and closed the high way. We know that it is the scenario of the government to lengthen the bus of trans Jakarta may use by participant in demonstration. The commander BEM SI order to go Istana Negara, we go to Istana Negara finally. We arrive in front of Istana Negara, beside Monas, but the police were ready with their dog, gun and truck. We make border and banker to protect the participant especially women.


“Oh ! you scare with gun guys?? we want to meet with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono kindly. we just bring poster, street and megaphone. We don’t bring dangerous tools but why the police scare with me and use gun, dog and another tools, are we dangerous guys??” Said tomy stand on the car.


I see there are strained station between us and the police, moreover after Tomy can make the participant in demonstration more enthusiasm. But strained station can decrease after Andi Malaraeng accepts the representative of seven students from university. Finally, about half hours we discussed with him, he just says he will convey the seven populace accusation as part of first hundred day work. We closed the action with pray to god and we leave the Istana Negara at 05.00 am. After a week I did demonstration, the fact that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono didn’t take the seven populace accusation as part of first hundred day work.


Catatan Kuliah ^_^


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