Who said that it is always men who insult the women?

            Who said that it is always men who insult the women? Who said that it is only the men tempt the women? Men are not the only one having desire, are they? Asked Annas to his friends to respond the statement by a woman NGO who is giving presentation in a private TV station.

Yusuf              :     Quit it. Don’t snarl like that.

Annas             :     it’s a piece of cake to say something like that on TV, She doesn’t know how it feels to suffer in a small public car?

Yusuf              :     what happened?

Annas             :     when I was sitting on my seat, young girls were lining up in front of  me, with thin layers and transparent span skirt. When they stand up the skirt is about nine inches above the knee and when they sit? it becomes twenty inches.

Yusuf              :     yeah…talk away guys..

Annas             :     in the right side, a young girls gang with funky fashion made  shook the body and stay with music jolt tripping. Moreover, the parfurme is stinging this brain and it plays on my sex. Hahaha…

Yusuf              :     ahhaai… like the Dangdut queen..huuuu… inul darastita..hahaha..

Annas             :     the sexy shirt and short skirt show the vital object which make all  men will be stimulated. If  she stoop, her waist will be in sight. Wow.. when she stands up, her navel is peek! So, when there is a  man who tempts her, who is wrong? The man or the woman?

Yusuf              :     hahaha… that’s right. There is no cat push away a fish, if  it’s true,  may be the cat is getting toothache. Hahaha…

Annas             :     they have stir up trouble my vision management, what should I do in a small public car? If  I look at front, the surrounding of  breast  will be seen by this eyes! If  I look at under , will be seen more  dangerous. If I close my eyes, they presume me has a sightless. If I take a peek, they, may be, think that I am A crazy man! Huh..

Yusuf              :     moreover a wanton woman said  hai ..gantle.. tempt us please?hahaha…

Annas             :     right, so, whose fault was it? Man or woman?  No fire with out the  smoke!

Yusuf              :     hmm.. (just smile)

Ditto                :     heiy.. we are come together in your home because we are going to finish our homework from MR. Aridho. Not to discussed the sexy  girl..

Adit                 :     you are right dit, why I must listen breast, sexy, thin layer??hihihi..

Yusuf              :     heiy.. it is very interesting, perhaps, adit and ditto are homosexual, aren’t you??hahahaha…

The hot day in Annas home’s are lose by their belly laugh..


            Annas is a collage student  at one of faculty which situated at hayam wuruk street 4 diponegoro university. Everyone in this faculty knows that he is a  handsome piety moslem. His oval face complates his handsomeness. His attitide, indefference to any women in campus, makes all women disposed to posses Annas heart’s. An example, olga, is one of member ijo cubit gang (ijo; inez, jenny, olga and cubit ; cute and beatiffful). This three young girls always succeses in getting sympathy to young fellow. Hearing that Annas is a handsome, smart, and good moslem, Olga wants to show that she obtain in getting annas love’s.

Olga                 :     It is a steadiness! I am going to born out that all men will  subject to me.  I will get annas love’s, let alone one thousand of Annas.

Innes               :     oh god! Skip it guys..

Jenny              :     from the beggining, you  fail of  annas! The first you pretend to sprained your leg! And the second, you pretend to your wallet  wreslte to the ground.

Innes               :     he doesn’t get to know one another,  much less see you at a glance..hahaha..

Olga                 :     oh no! not olga if  can not get the heart of  annas, a not care a rush!

Olga has still convidance and show to her friends that he can get him, With show her finger to annas who is sitting  at joglo campus. Olga, mindlessly, talks to annas.

Olga                 :     haii.. I am Olga..hm..i think..hm..I fall in love with you. Do you want to be my boyfriend?

Annas             :     what!( Annas does not respon what olga say. He moves from joglo  and  leave olga alone.)

Olga                 :     wow..; swelled head! Who are you? You are not Brad Pitt, more less Tom Cruice?!!argh..

Taken exception to Annas,  olga run after and hold hands.

Olga                 :     please don’t feel handsome like choky sitohang, you are just  ordinary man!

Annas             :     hai.. stay clear of my hand! What do you want?

Olga                 :     I love you, I want you to be my boyfriend

Annas             :     I am so sorry,  May be you meet with wrong people.

Olga friends walk up to olga, Annas pull away Olga

Jenny              :     are you crazy ga? Skip it guys please..

Innes               :     yes, right.. annas is a good moslem, he believes that he doesn’t want dating. So, it’s very difficult to get his heart, unless you are a Muslimah, using yashmak and has good attitude.

Olga                 :     no, I can get him!

Innes               :     you can join take him out indonesia at indosiar hahaha…

Jenny              :     hahaha.. yes I think you should join this program than chase after Annas!

Olga                 :     are you crazy guys? I still young girl and doesn’t want to get married. Consequently, I want to get dating with annas.

Jenny              :     by the way, look ! Annas will leave this campus.

Olga                 :     which one?

Jenny              :     ouh.. in front of cahaya photocoppy..

Innes               :     hm…may be he wants to go home..

Olga                 :     oh no.. ok. I will follow him, please you drive my car jen..

Jenny              :     what! No.no. are you crazy?

Olga                 :     the bus is coming, I have to go now! Bye..bye..muach..hihi..

At the bus

Olga                 :     hallo?

Annas             :     hallo? Assalamualaikum? Why you follow me ? why you don’t   drive your lixurious car? Everywhere, you always drive with your car?

Before olga answer annas question’s, annas continue his question to Olga

Annas             :     ohh.. you will say it’s bus public? And everyone might use this transportation? Or  you are keen on to say it’s a coming  across? Aren’t you? Sound very trite!!!

Olga feels broken heart what annas say and she decide to down stop from the bus.

Olga                 :     stop sir!

Annas             :     haii.. why you down stop and not answer my question?

               Annas feels guilty because he has talked disrespectfully up to Olga go without saying. in the other hands, annas also wide awake to cheny red virus. Finally, olga doesn’t chase after blindly. has known annas join with KMMS (moslem organization in faculty of culture), she decides to join in this organization..In the earlier, she intend to come near annas. But, in the process she thinks that she has to be a good muslimah in order to get a good muslim too like annas.as verse in the Al-Quran.An-Nur: 26 : women impure are formen impure and men impure for women impure and womwn of purity are for men of purity and men of purity are for women of purity

Catatan Saat kuliah ^_^

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